Volunteer Opportunities

Be a part of the change movement to help get more women to attend and graduate from college here in Utah! 

Holly Richardson, Initiative Coordinator
E-mail: Holly.Richardson@uvu.edu
Phone: (801) 369-2836

Here are some ways you can volunteer with the Utah Women and Education Initiative:


    • Hand out flyers 
    • Organize a “watch party” for a group in your area
    • Send us names and emails of those in attendance so we can send them a “Thank You for Watching” email and send them our monthly newsletter
    • Invite colleagues and friends to attend with you
    • Night of event
    • Take tickets at the door
    • Hand out UWLP items to attendees
    • Help w/ attendee “traffic flow”
    • Be a room host
  • BLOG

    • Write a blog
    • Edit blogs
    • List of blog ideas

    • Find and write grants for research funding
    • Literature reviews
    • Fact checking
    • Data collection
    • Data analysis
    • Writing
    • Editing

    • Update events
    • Check for broken links
    • Update new reports and ones we may have missed
    • Update women’s groups

    • Assist in developing curriculum for different settings
    • Find more online resources to enhance UWEI website. 
    • Other (have your own ideas?)